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A psychic reading aims to find answers about certain situations. Psychic reading is an energetic technique whose purpose is to receive messages from Higher Beings or Entities of other Dimensions. It is necessary to specify that every person is able to receive supernatural messages, but it is also true that on particular occasions or at certain moments of life these are not perceived, so one must turn to a person who has specific abilities.

Psychic reading is often associated with the functions of a Medium, but there is also another figure dedicated to psychic reading is the channeller who acts through the techniques of channelling.

Those who practice psychic reading connect with the energy of the person who requests the consultation so that he can grasp his real needs, then the reader asks for help from his Spiritual Guides in order to create a channel of communication or rather an energetic connection between the spiritual world and the one who requests the consultation. The reader receives messages through their own intuitions and to a series of signals, visions, symbols, colors, shapes, numbers, etc.

Towards the end of the 800 the period of rediscovery of esotericism that in that period was called spiritism, the people who used their psychic qualities, namely: mediums, fortune tellers, astrologers, etc. went into states of deep trance, today there are few people who decide to abandon the awareness of their body to receive divine messages.

In the psychic readings there is a particular technique, we are talking about the angelic readings, these are exercised with the use of oracles and tarot of the angels, or alternatively through a direct connection with the Angels. The Angelic readings, in addition to being used in mediumistic sessions, find full applicability in the sessions of regressions to past lives.

Unlike holistic healing sessions, psychic readings do not act on the applicant’s problems, but reveal what can be useful to achieve general well-being. It is a good idea to ensure that we entrust the psychic reading in the hands of a professional, in which he makes us feel at ease and who can transmit confidence and serenity.