Is astrology real? What You need to know

Astrology studies the motions of the solar system, their different positions in the zodiacal circle and their possible influence on terrestrial events and the nature of man. A fundamental hypothesis of astrology is that any of these many rotary motions, inserting itself into a certain sector of the Zodiac, absorbs its particular nature and at the same time transmits its own.

The ancients distinguished twelve constellations in the zodiacal belt and gave the name of these constellations to the various sectors of the Zodiac.

Couple things to know before entering astrology

This denomination indicates a symbolic and not a real correspondence. The various constellations, in fact, often occupy a space greater or less than the thirty degrees assigned to each zodiacal sector and moreover, currently, their position is no longer the same.
The beginning of the Zodiac coincides with the spring equinox, the moment of the awakening of nature, the first sector is by convention, called, of the

The Twelve Sectors of the Zodiac are symbolically named after 12 of the 13 zodiacal constellations (in fact, Ophiuchus is not a Zodiac Sign; Ophiuchus is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius, it is one of the 13 zodiac constellations but is not a zodiac sign); in order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. From the zero degree, at the beginning of Aries, we arrive at the 360 ° which marks the end of Pisces. The transition from one sector to another takes place exactly every thirty degrees, without taking into account either the size or the real position of the constellation of which it takes its name, a circumstance that as already mentioned, has exclusively symbolic value.

How is astrology tradition affect psychic?

In fact, this subdivision is established on the basis of seasonal cycles, with reference to the spring and autumn equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices.

Following the Astrological tradition, the zodiac signs are of a different nature and belong to the 4 groups of the classical elements: fire, earth, air, water, (the fifth element, the ether, is considered only by esoteric astrology – see the Thirteenth Sign).

A second classification is made in relation to seasonal cycles, in Cardinal, Fixed and Mobile signs.

The Cardinal Signs are those who are at the beginning of each season. They are the Aries that fixes the Spring Equinox, the Libra that fixes the Autumn Equinox, the Cancer that marks the passage of the Summer solstice, and Capricorn that marks the Winter solstice.

The Fixed Signs, are those that are at the peak of each season, constitute the center. They are the Taurus that marks the center of Spring, The Lion of Summer, the Scorpio of Autumn, The Aquarius of Winter.

The Mobile Signs are those that mark the transition from one season to another and therefore are the most available to the change of the Zodiac. Gemini marks the arrival of Summer, Virgo of Autumn, Sagittarius of Winter and Pisces of Spring.

Synchronicity, therefore, which is the search for the meaning of events that seem a-causal to us, can also be defined as an additional tool that our brain uses to explain these projections.

There are planets, there is man: man projects expectations into the stars and when he discovers in himself something true in this relationship (astrology works, he is telling me about me), something that shakes him to the foundations of his being, as if there were a magical and inexplicable I do not know, the concept of synchronicity intervenes to try to give meaning to the inner and outer experience.

What are archetypes, and what relationship do they have with the birth chart?

Archetypes are for Jung empty forms devoid of content, pre-existing forms of knowledge that allow us to be aware of the world and of ourselves. We can think of archetypes, in a simplistic way, as glasses with different shapes, but which have not been filled.

The subject can decide whether to fill the glasses with water, wine, sand and, when he chooses to do so, they will become such, or a glass of wine, water or sand, depending on the choice he has made. They become archetypal representations or images, his reality, the experience of his consciousness. What makes the difference is the choice of subject. So what is the birth chart?

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