Run in the opposite direction if a psychic tells you this

Medium and mediumnity: these are terms intimately linked to each other: as is the container with its content (medium=instrument and mediumnity effects produced with the instrument). He resembles us, both on the physical and mental-spiritual side; he lives with a greater perceptive intensity the reality in which he is immersed, and as everyone has his strengths and weaknesses.

Why is it worth following the voice of the medium?

He is just like so many of us, but for still not entirely clear reasons, he facilitates the production of phenomena on matter and on the psyche. He is an indispensable element in the research group “Spirit”, and should be treated with care and controlled by other operators of the middle circle. The medium is a particularly sensitive person, his perception can dilate in time and space and fall on him feelings and emotions that we do not feel, but for this it is not infallible. Its capabilities, however large, are not constant over time and are subject to decay (transformation). The medium should cultivate its potential following its natural inclinations, seeking with intensity, that serenity and that peace of mind that make it neutral and crystalline instrument. Mediums aren’t all the same.

We can say that each of them is like a unique instrument, which senses and perceives only a part of the Infinity that surrounds it: just as a radio tunes especially only on some of the available frequencies. The phenomena that can be produced in the sessions are the elements that distinguish the mediums among themselves. Among them are those who facilitate objective or physical phenomena, and others who produce sub-objective or intelligent phenomena. Much is spoken and much is discussed about these “special” people, but we love to resent their voices and read the few books that tell us about their experiences.
We report a piece contained in the volume IS SURVIVAL a FACT by Margaret Lillian Hamilton, B. A. where you can read a brief clarifying communication on this topic:


“Why do we need mediums? Why can’t I get messages from the Great Beyond by myself? Surely if my loved ones were to return to someone they would return to me rather than a stranger they have never seen and heard when he was on Earth.
”Well, the answer is very simple. Mediums are particularly constituted individuals. They possess those peculiar qualities or structure that allows them to perceive or receive messages from the other world, while this is lacking in most people. A great medium is certainly rare as a great artist or a great poet. Their genius lies in psychic sensitivity in the same way that genius lies in poetry or art. And the ability to communicate can be just as rare.
”Not everyone who wishes to send messages on our side, even assuming that they continue to persist for a long time with the passion of doing so, can convey their message through a medium or a psychic. The ability to deliver messages in this way is just as rare as the gift of mediumnity is on your side, and only when two kindred souls come into contact with another, under the most favorable circumstances, can clear messages sent by us reach you. This explains more and more why many messages have not been sent.”