Can anyone really be psychic?

I once got an e-mail from a woman who said she had a week’s vacation coming up and wanted to know if I would teach her and her niece how to develop their psychic abilities. Needless to say, I was a little stunned by your request. Psychic development takes years of practice, not weeks.

Meditation and reading

If you’ve ever seen John Edward or James Van Praagh on television, you’ve probably noticed that they both humbly say that anyone can do what they do. What is rarely mentioned is the time taken by each of them to develop their own gifts and how and what they did to reach the level they are today. In fact, as they will tell you in their books, it took both many years of practice to understand and fine-tune their gifts.

Developing your skills is a natural process. It is a journey along which you will gain much wisdom. Do not try to hurry it or take shortcuts. Consider whatever you are going through right now exactly how you should go through and when you are ready for the next stage of development, it will come. Trust me.

I want you to spend a minimum of five minutes sitting quietly, meditating and focusing on the white light deep in the solar plexus area. This is a good discipline to learn for anyone. As you focus on the light, you feel the calm and confidence of this light and wisdom in it. If your mind wanders, it keeps coming back to the light.
When you are sitting in silence, you can ask your guides to make themselves known to you. Ask if they have any direction or guidance for you regarding your life. Ask God to reveal himself to you. If your mind starts to wander, focus on the white light.
While you feel more comfortable meditating, lengthen the time. The longer you pass in silent communication with your inner voice (God) and your guides, the stronger the connection will become. As you continue to grow spiritually, you will want to spend more time meditating on the light, and I encourage you to do so. This is one of the best ways for us to establish conscious contact with God.

Is silence too quiet for you?

If you find that you have difficult moments sitting and concentrating in silence, this does not mean that meditation is not for you. If you prefer to have some background noise, go ahead and create the environment that makes you more comfortable. Don’t worry about that. My brother Michael usually has some sort of background noise, like a stereo or a TV playing bass, when he meditates or does psychic readings because he says distractions help him hear spirits more easily. I once had a student who always sat by the air conditioner in the classroom, buzzing, because the silence was too distracted for her when she did the exercises. Experiment and find out how it works best for you.

In addition to doing the exercises in this book and meditating every day, you can also continue reading about psychics and psychic development. I just want to warn you that I have too much information too quickly. This can keep you stuck in your intellect, and can lead you to expect perfectionism; both are counterproductive. In fact, when you read something it’s as important as what you read. Select the authors you’ve heard about and trust, then consider whether it’s the right time to read them. An important rule of thumb when choosing the right books for your needs is to manage them according to your intuition. Your intuition knows what your needs are and where you are in your psychic development and will guide you to the books that you are ready for next. He’ll never guide you.

Updating your level

The three most important keys to your development are patience, practice and honoring the process. On the other hand, I also want to encourage you not to be satisfied with the level at which you grew up. During my years as a psychic, I have never stayed at the same level for more than two years. As I continually expose myself to what is possible, my psychic gifts have continued to develop at a much deeper level. If you stick to it, your gifts will also grow.
At first, I did five-minute readings for friends. Over time, I was able to do fifteen-minute readings. Then they stretched for thirty minutes, and now my readings last from forty-five minutes to an hour.