How To Develop Clairaudience

Clairaudience means ‘clear-hearing’. It is the ability to ‘hear’ Spirit.

Clairaudience is that little voice inside you that issues warnings or gives guidance. It tends to speak to you when you are in danger or when you have an important decision to make that will impact on your life. If you don’t have clairaudience as one of your psychic gifts, it can be developed. In this article I give you a couple of exercises for developing it.

If clairaudience is one of your natural intuitive gifts, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides will use mostly clairaudient means to communicate with you, including sounds, words and songs you’re familiar with. These can be internal or they can be outside of you. You may also hear voices in your dreams or upon waking.

Who is Clairaudient?

Clairaudients tend to hear more than most people. People who are bothered by loud noises are naturally predisposed towards clairaudience because of their heightened sensitivity.

Clairaudients often hear ringing in their ears. Some clairaudients interpret this as a sign to pay attention and consciously tune in to their intuition.

Musicians are often clairaudient. There are many accounts of composers who have heard or dreamt of a melody playing internally before they put it down on paper.

The first step to developing your clairaudience is to really fine-tune your sense of hearing. Here’s an exercise to help you do this:

Unpicking the Orchestra

Listen carefully to all the sounds you hear around you while you’re lying in bed at night – the sounds of cars passing, the sounds of birds or animals, of a plane, of people talking, the sound of music. We normally tune out these noises so that we can concentrate or sleep. But when you tune out noise, you dull your perception and you become less sensitive to your inner voice.

When you begin to listen consciously to the noise that you normally tune out, you will hear an ‘orchestra’ of sounds. Your objective with this exercise is to notice each and every one of these sounds that make up this ‘orchestra’. Take it apart. Count how many sounds you can hear and make a note of what they are. Some may be really subtle and barely noticeable. The goal here is really to heighten your auditory perception.

Do this every night for a week before you go to sleep and you will be amazed at how much you were not hearing before. This will begin to activate your clairaudience.

Clairaudient Listening

You can also actively listen for clairaudient guidance.

Visualize turning on a radio and tuning into the ‘channel’ of your intuition or your spirit guides. Imagine them sitting around a table, ready to communicate with you. Then, start asking questions.

See if you can ‘hear’ or perceive any words – it could be a clear voice that is easy to discern or you may have to really focus and go inside yourself to hear it clearly. If you don’t hear anything at all, don’t give up on your first attempt. For most people it takes practice and persistence to get into the habit of listening to your intuition.

Further Tips

  • Set the intention to utilize your clairaudience. Write it down somewhere as this reinforces it.
  • Don’t block your clairaudience through fear of hearing something negative/frightening. If you’re afraid of hearing spirit for fear of being spooked, intend only to hear your spirit guides and Higher Self, who have your best intentions at heart and who would never knowingly scare you. Ask your ‘Asher’ guide (the spirit guide who is your energetic ‘bouncer’) to keep out negative energies. Remember that if you keep your vibration high and deal mostly in positive energies, you won’t attract negative energies anyway.
  • Meditate. Intuitive guidance often comes through the gaps between our thoughts. Meditation quietens the mind and creates more gaps in our thoughts so our intuitive guidance can more easily be heard during meditation. (If you want to read more about why quietening the mind is so essential to psychic development, you might like to read this article: The Alpha State – Why is it Essential to Psychic Development?
  • Use affirmations to develop clairaudience, such as ‘It is safe to hear my inner voice’ or ‘I am powerfully clairaudient’.