Encounters with ghosts

Although there are no specific tools that allow us to see spirits, you can always try some methods.

Find the right place

If you can find a place where spirits are present, you can schedule an excursion, start looking for ghosts, taking note of progress and staying safe the moment you can interact with them. It will be an unforgettable and spooky experience. For more information, read.  Go where there might be ghosts. Historical places, which have experienced ups and downs, traumas and triumphs. Homes where many generations have lived, old hospitals or abandoned buildings, warships, abandoned hotels or other places where there could really be spirits. Cities like London, Paris, New Orleans or states like Japan are known especially for the possible presence of spirits because of their intriguing stories.
Non-historic places such as shopping malls or new buildings, for example, are not likely to encounter spirits, as there is no evidence, stories or legends to suggest that. You need to focus on paranormal areas and have some knowledge about what happened in the past.

Look for spooky places in your area. Most of the time, you don’t need to go too far to see ghosts – every small country has ghostly areas to explore. Go to your city library and do some research on the history of the area you live in, talk to some experts or sign up for tours to look for ghosts. Create a list of places that you will visit in the dark.

If you live in a country area, many “ghost hunts” take place near particular intersections, train tracks, abandoned bridges, cemeteries or places where there have been murders.Look at the famous “American fighter”. If you live in the United States consider going to the following places:Stanley Hotel: in Estes Park, Colorado, where the famous room 417 was used for Stephen King’s classic The Shining.Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, where you have the chance to sneak around to the bar and order a soda hoping to meet a pirate or two.Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This prison is now closed, but it is said to still be run by the now dead inmates.

Check out some of the most famous places where you can spot spirits. In the Japanese forest Aokigahara, also called the “forest of suicides”, since 1950 about 500 people have died. In the Tower of London-which was a prison during the Middle Ages-there are numerous places to visit. Here you will find a short list of the most famous places in the world where you can meet ghosts.Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (Victoria, Australia), where from 1867 to 1995 9000 people died.Hellfire Club in Montpelier Hill (Ireland), had originally been built as a hunting lodge, but has a long history related to demons and ghosts.

Search for ghosts

Borley Rectory, Sudbury (Great Britain), you can find anything: a tragic relationship between a monk and a nun? A creepy monastery built on the grounds of an ancient Druid cemetery? These ruins are the most famous when it comes to ghost stories.Rose Hall (Jamaica) is famous for the fact that a voodoo priest died there and it is said that he made blood stains appear and disappear in the walls. If you wish, when visiting this place you can sleep where a woman tortured 3 husbands and committed human sacrifices.

Make some videos. Recording with a video camera the search for ghosts is a common practice. However, it is better to use a high quality one for a later view. Those of mobile phones, for example, may not fit.Consider using a camera with a nighttime function, or, to give the movie a more realistic view, you can use natural light or that of the flashlight you are using. It’s up to you.You could assign tasks to your group members. If, for example, you are filming, another person will take the photographs and another person will take notes, and if there is a possibility there will be the member of the group who will communicate and try to ask questions.