Let the angels help you

And how do we know if they are by our side or if they help us in our daily chores?There are those who swear yes, that not only do angels exist, and that they have seen them with their own eyes, but they also had tangible signs from heavenly beings.

The guardian angel

As Von Fallois States, Angels are not all the same, but are divided into categories: the best known is probably that of the guardian angel, who was assigned to us at birth to each of us, regardless of creed, race, political or social belonging.The Guardian Angel is the one who stays with us all his life, in dark moments and in happy ones: some people can perceive it, it is the feeling of being in the presence of “something” subtle that accompanied us at a certain moment of our life.

It is not uncommon for Angels to go to the rescue of those whose lives are in danger: several testimonies report angelic visions or immaterial entities intervened in dramatic moments. Or “miraculous” interventions that save lives. It may happen that to help us they manifest themselves in human remains, and then disappear as soon as they have fulfilled their task.

With children they manifest themselves more openly: from research done it seems that up to the preschool age, children are able to perceive more clearly both angels and other bodily entities, which manifest themselves in the form of children to play with.

Other angels
Our guardian angel is not the only one who comes to the rescue when we need it or ask it. Angels are in fact very numerous and are divided into categories depending on the task they have to perform: there are angels who take care of our body, those who give joy, those who eliminate obstacles, those who protect, those who heal the wounds of the soul. And many more.
They too are more than happy to help us and to help us in our affairs: we can appeal to any angel at any time and solicit their collaboration, both directly and through our guardian angel.

How to get in touch with angels?

There are several ways to get in touch with our guardian angel, Archangel or other angels.According to Hania Czajkowski one of the easiest and most immediate ways to communicate with Angels is… play with them! Angels are creatures who love to have fun, play, be immersed in beauty, laugh and share. The game is therefore the most direct form to get in touch with them. Being concrete and concise beings, they will find a way to get us the answers to the questions we ask them.Another way to get in touch with them is to use our medianic abilities, inherent and innate in each of us, which allow us to establish a preferential channel with heavenly beings and communicate with them.Belinda Grace is the author who through clairvoyance constantly communicates with angels and teaches people how to get in touch in turn.

A very simple example is to write a letter in which to clearly expose what you want, just as if you were writing to a friend or loved one.
Once the letter is completed, you can also fill in the envelope. If you prefer to make it look even more real, you can also put the stamp. Then just ask the Angels how they want the letter to be sent: the first impulse that manifests itself will be their response (bury it, tear it to pieces, burn it, put it in a drawer…). Once you have completed the letter and sent it, you should not dwell on the situation or on the possible solution: but you must maintain the confidence that the Angels will do everything that is possible to do. It therefore remains only to wait for the Angels to respond to the letter with confidence and gratitude.What if we don’t get what we want? The Angels do not make wrongs or mischief: if we do not get what we wanted, it means that that thing was not suitable for us, or that it could harm Third people and that they are instead preparing the one most congenial to us, because the Angels only want our good.