Review of binaural beats mp3 to improve extra sensory perception

The binaural tone consists of the difference between the frequency perceived by the right ear and the frequency perceived by the left ear. To be perceived by the human brain, this type of tone should occur at frequencies below 1000 Hz (Hz). For example, if the left ear records a tone with a frequency of 200 Hz and the right ear a frequency of 210 Hz, the perceived binaural tone results from the difference between the two frequencies in question, that is, 10 Hz.

5 notions about binaural tones

According to the promoters of binaural tone therapy, its effects on the mind and human body can be compared to those of meditation.
Binaural tone therapy is nothing more than a self-help technology that comes in audio form and whose products can be purchased worldwide.
There is a wide range of binaural tones and each tone has its own precise bien purpose.
It is preferable to remove all distractions before undergoing a session of binaural tone therapy.
Although they require further confirmation, the research carried out so far has still been able to provide evidence to support the effectiveness of binaural tone therapy.
How do binaural tones work?
Studies have shown that listening to binaural tones for a certain period of time can lead to a change in the state of agitation in people undergoing this type of therapy.
Researchers believe that these changes are due to the fact that binaural tones contribute to the activation of certain specific systems within the brain. Thanks to an electroencephalogram (EEG), which recorded the electrical activity of the brain of persons subject to listening to tones and binaural, the researchers were able to analyze the effects of these sounds on the body, coming to notice a number of changes to different models of the frequencies used.
The four categories of frequency models recognized: 1. Delta models: binaural tones belonging to the delta model are located at a frequency between 0.1 Hz and 4 Hz. These frequencies are associated with dreamless sleep.
2. Theta models: binaural tones belonging to the theta model are located at a frequency between 4 Hz and 8 Hz. These frequencies are associated with sleep in the phase of rapid eye movement (or REM, according to the English acronym), meditation and creativity.
3. The Alpha model: binaural tones belonging to the alpha model are located at a frequency between 8 Hz and 13 Hz. These frequencies are able to encourage relaxation.
4. The Beta model: binaural tones belonging to the beta model are found at a frequency between 14 Hz and 100 Hz. These frequencies seem to improve concentration and vigilance.
In the higher section of the spectrum of these frequencies, however, the researchers revealed an increase in anxiety.
8 benefits of binaural tone therapy
Binaural tone therapy has various benefits. Among them, for example, we can find:
Stress reduction
Anxiety reduction
Improvement of concentration
Improved attention
Improvement of motivation
Improving self-confidence
Deeper meditation state
Improving psychomotor performance and mood
Not all people who undergo binaural tone therapy are looking for the same effects. Some people, in fact, may be more interested in decreasing their sense of anxiety, while others may be looking for a method to improve concentration or deepen the level of meditation.

How to use binaural tones effectively

To be able to undergo binaural tone therapy you need a pair of stereo earphones (or headphones) and an MP3 player (or any other method to listen to music). Avoid undergoing a binaural sound therapy session while performing activities that require great attention and vigilance, such as driving a vehicle.