What is the alpha state and why is it essential to psychic development?

The electrical impulses emitted by the brain, which travel through our neurons, are called brain waves. Man possesses four different types of brain waves. These particular impulses that travel through neurons have very specific functions. Thanks to electroencephalograms, also called EEG, it was possible to thoroughly study the effect of these waves on humans.

What do the four types of brain waves produce?

* Alpha Waves. It’s the waves of relaxation. They are those that activate just before sleep, during rest, in the moments that we spend lying down to sunbathe on the beach or just returned from a relaxing bath.

* Beta Waves. It’s the waves opposite the Alpha ones. They are characterized by their intense speed and are produced while working at a light pace, when we are under stress, when we hear noises or are studying. They involve intense activity in our brain. People who suffer from anxiety tend to produce a large amount of Beta waves.

* Theta Waves. They are responsible for the moods in which we feel as if we have “the head somewhere else” or “the head in the clouds”. They are also characteristic of a relaxed state and promote the emergence of creative ideas. They are typical waves of a kind of drowsiness state.

* Delta Waves. It is the waves that are generated during the stages of deep sleep.

All four types of waves coexist at any time of the day, although some may predominate over others at certain stages. In this sense, some studies have shown that man has the ability to contribute to the activation of alpha waves, those related to relaxation. In the times in which we are all extremely stressed, nervous, always stuck in traffic and in the noise of the city, overworked, and overwhelmed by many other sources of stress, we have the ability, with some simple gestures, to activate our Alpha waves.Alpha waves help us to concentrate, to see our goals more clearly, they serve to reassure us and to make fear disappear; in addition, they improve memory, help us lose weight and quit smoking and strengthen our immune system.
Below is a list of actions you can take to generate alpha waves:
Count slowly from number 100 to number 1.Sit or lie on the bed, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Take deep breaths.
Listen to relaxing music. It has been shown that baroque music Awakens alpha waves. While you’re working, try to contrast your Beta waves with the Alphas by listening to restful music.
And the Silvacos method is there? It is a method devised by the Mexican-born parapsychologist José Silva, aimed at improving the IQ of a person reaching a deep state of relaxation thanks to the generation of alpha waves. There is a great deal of scientific research to support this method.

Why use the alpha state?

Try listening to this Alpha music video. Does it work? Tell us yourself.There are 5 types of brain waves that work almost like musical notes. Some act at low frequency, others at a higher frequency. But together they are able to form a harmonious agreement in which our thoughts, emotions and sensations can achieve a perfect balance, within which we can feel more focused and more receptive than everything around us.

You may have heard someone say “ ” I want to train my alpha brainwaves to feel more relaxed and achieve a proper state of personal serenity and peace.” Lately we even talk about neuro-feedback machines that can stimulate some brain waves so as to reach certain states of consciousness. Well, the truth is, you have to pay attention to this data.