What is the energy body and how to read it?

It is a vehicle that can help the mind, body and spirit to reach full potential and it is the description that includes the chakras and auras combined together. This means that the auric levels are in tune with each of your chakras and radiate the emotion and energy you feel at all times. Thoughts and emotions are felt instantly and vibrate simultaneously both outward and inward. They are reflected as if they were perfectly reflected.

Can you see people’s Aura?

Every vibration, (that is, every feeling, thought, emotion, or anything else that occurs)is not something that is connected to you, but rather something that you are re-creating and living in every moment. This means that at all times you are creating the same feelings, over and over again. As everyone knows the feelings are not fixed, and therefore you can change these vibrations if you want it.

The Aura can also be seen! With a little practice and a relatively simple “trick”, you can observe the Aura around your body and the body of others and begin to better understand how emotions, energy fields and energy work.

With practice you can regularly look beyond the physical realm and in no time you will be able to see and interpret auras. Not only that, you will also begin to experience what we call “synaptic jump,” when the mental data of different neurons connect with each other and you begin to see and understand things in a greater way than you had previously done.

Don’t you believe it? Look for yourself! With this simple technique, you can learn to see the aura in just five minutes…Aura – book develops your energy potential and get health, strength, Protection – who does not want health, strength and protection? But how many of us know that we have the energy potential to get them? In each individual are hidden unlimited powers that can provide new energy and health. Our personal aura is a force that supports us and characterizes us as human beings, containing information about our past, present and future lives. – Discover the infinite potential of your Aura.

Aura awakening awareness-Aura is a thin body, a halo that radiates around the body and that particularly sensitive people can see.
Find out what color is the aura of your name-how to calculate the color of the aura through the horoscope of Numerological vibrations of our name.

What is the color of your Aura?

 The properties and meaning of each color – the aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body. The colors of the aura provide indications about the physical, emotional and mental health of a person.

Bioenergy stimulation bioenergy-direct stimulation, enhancement and control of bioenergy (thin energy, aura. The two methods proposed here, complementary to each other, greatly increase the Bioenergy available, whatever you intend to do with it (from Yoga to Pranotherapy, from Martial Arts to telekinesis). Try them on, and from the very beginning you will feel different! And if you are skeptical about the existence of bioenergy, these methods will make you look back. If the chakras are the energy flow system inside the body, then there must also be an energy flow system outside the body. It works in the same stream, but instead of creating an internal vortex, it manifests itself as an external wave-this is your Aura!