Which is your strongest intuitive gift?

Intuition connects us directly to our right hemisphere of the brain, like Mind Maps. This hemisphere is the specialist of the imaginary, of our ability to synthesize and gives us access to the world of emotions, to our five senses and to the data stored in the unconscious.

How do you access your intuition?

The moment we ask ourselves questions, the intuitive process starts.
Over the days we accumulate and store a quantity of information without really being aware of it. All this is decanted in the unconscious and, at a given moment, in a fraction of a second an intuition emerges.

To follow one’s intuition, one must be able to identify it when expressing oneself. Intuition is in fact intended to provide us with an answer, an enlightenment, and to orient us in a situation. It manifests itself in many specific ways by exploiting three of our sensory channels.

Everyone has a privileged perceptual mode that is interesting to identify, to amplify it and above all to be able to solicit it further.
1. The first is the auditory mode. Whisper words in our heads; it’s the little voice. This mode helps us above all in the practical aspects of life, in which it offers us precise directives. Our mind is crossed by many ideas and therefore to understand that it is precisely intuition it is appropriate to follow the messages, so as to verify or not the answer in fact.For example, suddenly you think “ ” go to that place!” and when you go there you meet someone you really wanted to see. “Call that person” and during the conversation she gives you information that you needed. If nothing special happens, it means that we were not in the presence of an intuition.

2. The second channel, the kinesthetic one, guides us through impressions, physical sensations ranging from pleasant to unpleasant. It can be an expansion or contraction of the chest, up to a sense of malaise or a tightness in the abdomen-it all depends on the situation encountered. Our body is an extraordinary Messenger to access intuitive language, with physical sensations accompanied by often intense feelings and emotions.

People predisposed to this kind of kinesthetic intuition are deeply in touch with their emotions. They are very sensitive to the atmosphere of a place, of a room, because they easily enter into symbiosis with the environment. Similarly, for osmosis they can warn the state of another person. This singular sensibility transmits to them the ability to “feel” and have sniff.

The first is the auditory mode

3. Finally, visual intuition is manifested through flashes that are clearly revealed to the mind. This third channel acts as a radar that receives information and reflects our ability to see. The intuitive visual is able to clearly see images, symbols or scenes.
This kind of intuition makes us raise the antennae, which favors our access to discernment and sign language, to foresight and therefore to the possibility of anticipating. “Let’s see” the facts before they happen.We therefore have the opportunity to play along and, in some cases, change or fix things before there is a real nuisance. In a flash, we scan the situation.

Intuition is an important ally. To those who know how to listen to it facilitates the right choices, stimulates creativity and offers an immediate understanding of a complicated situation.
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