How to discern what is true?

I’m really excited about the topic we’re going to talk about today, and I think You are too, because I think it’s important for the Church to deepen the topic of insight today. So I would like to talk about why we need to distinguish what it is, how we get it, and what the consequences of insight are.

Let’s start with why we need it

The first thing I would like to think about is why we need insight so much. I would like to start saying that we are desperate for this, because every day we have to make decisions that the Scripture does not tell us anything specific. Maybe you know that you need to do every job as you work for the Lord, but that doesn’t tell you whether you should be working in Nashville and not in Orlando. You still have to decide where to go to work, and there is not a single verse that speaks of Nashville or Orlando in the entire Bible. In the same way, you may know that it’s good to get married, but it doesn’t help you decide who to marry.

I’m not just talking about the most important decisions in life. Every day we make decisions that affect our lives. How will I spend my time today? How will I spend my money today? How will I use my talents today? These small decisions eventually become part of our lives and shape the direction our lives follow. A month ago, you should have made the decision to register for this conference and be here. Then I had to figure out how to get here. We all make decisions every day about how to spend time and what to spend our efforts on. This is why we need insight to know what is best to do. There are a lot of good things to do, but we need to know which one is better.
The second reason I think it’s very important to explore this topic of insight is that in the age we live in, we have access to an unprecedented amount of information. When my husband and I moved abroad in the late 90’s, we lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) for a few years when he continued his doctorate. We used paper maps to figure out how to navigate the city. I remember going to the bus station to understand something. There were a lot of buses to choose from, but I couldn’t search on Google because there weren’t any then. I had to physically go there and try to figure out which bus to take to a certain place. Ten years later, we moved to Cambridge, England, for six months. It was amazing how everything changed just on my phone. I no longer carried a huge paper map with me. I could write about everything on Google: “how to find peanut butter” and I could find it. Moreover… just sitting in our house in Charlotte, we could even see the Cambridge house where we moved to Google Earth, say ” Oh, this is how it’s going to be” and show it to the kids. It’s amazing how much information we can get. this is how it will be ”and show it to the children. It’s amazing how much information we can get. this is how it will be ”and show it to the children. It’s amazing how much information we can get.

This reality requires insight

Yes, we have access to information, but we know that there is also a lot of false information, as shown in recent years. We know there is fake news. As women, we must have the wisdom to see the truth based on mistakes while observing the world. So we need to know about it, and the Scriptures tell us about it. Although there are so many voices that are fighting for our attention, the Book of Proverbs tells us that there are actually two voices that are calling us. If you have your own Bible, open it in Proverbs 9, which is a passage that we will study soon, and which speaks of these two voices that call us. In Proverbs 9: 1, we read: “wisdom built her house, worked on its columns, to the number of seven; he killed his animals, prepared wine, and established his dining room. He has sent his maids; from the city heights he exclaims, ” who is foolish to come here!”To those who are meaningless, he says:” Come, eat my bread and drink the wine that I have prepared!”and thou shalt live; and go in the way of understanding! “.

Here’s a very encouraging thing. There is wisdom in the world. Wisdom is in the square and says, ” Listen to me.” But let’s move on to Proverbs 9: 13-18. As wisdom calls, there is another voice. “Madness is a violent, stupid woman who knows nothing. He sits at the door, in a chair, on the high places of the city, to call those who pass along the street, who walk straight, saying, ” who is stupid to come here!”he says,” stolen water is sweet, bread, consumed in secret, delightful” ” But he doesn’t know there dead that its guests are downstairs in the living dead.”