Are you using the law of attraction as a big fat procrastination tool?

1-you become what you think, but you also attract what you think most.Do not think about what you do not want, do not bask in past situations, because you will only think about the negative things that have happened to you, or what you fear will happen to you, and then you will get even more things that you do not want to happen.
Thinking things like, “I do not want this to happen… “or,” this “will not “happen …” or,” it happened now, but it will not happen again… ” is not acceptable. You’re not pushing negative circumstances away, you’re not preventing them from happening. If anything, you’re drawing negative situations towards you. The law of attraction sees what you are thinking about, not what you do not want: only what you are thinking about, and the law of attraction will give you what you are thinking about.

Your feelings are the basis of your thoughts

This is the hardest part to understand for many people. It is also incredibly difficult to learn how to use it, but it is not impossible and it is worth it. As we have said, This is the most difficult step to learn for many, but it is also the most important one. Applying the law of attraction to your life will not be useful if you do not know how to turn your negative feelings into positive ones.

If you experience such beautiful sensations as happiness, love, excitement, gratitude, passion, joy, hope and satisfaction, then your thoughts will be positive and positive things will happen to you. But if you experience negative sensations such as anger, fear, resentment, depression, hatred, revenge and guilt, then your thoughts will be negative and negative things will happen to you.
If you feel positive emotions and something negative happens to you, then you will have to learn to control your emotions and not allow negative things to happen to you, and affect your emotions. No one can tell you how to control your emotions and keep them positive. You have to figure it out for yourself, because it will be different for everyone.

For example: in the morning, if you start the day in a positive way and not allow anything to change that feeling/mood, then you will attract more situations/circumstances/people that will support those positive feelings. The same thing happens if you get up with the wrong Moon. If the day starts badly and you do not change mood, then you will only attract other negative situations / circumstances / people.

What we’re about to say is very important, and you have to understand it very well. How you feel is essential. It is the key to applying the law of attraction. If what you want is to be healthy, you must feel as if you are already healthy. Do not wish yourself well and do not hope one day to be healthy, but you must already feel healthy even if you are not. You have to keep thinking and feeling like this all the time. You need to stay true to the feeling that you are already healthy. If you do not, it will be a waste of time and nothing will change.

How to successfully apply the law of attraction

If what you want is something tangible like a new car, then you will have to feel like you already have that car. Do not wish you had the car and do not hope to have it one day, but you need to feel like you already have the vehicle, even if it is not so. You have to keep thinking that and feel that way all the time. You have to stay true to the feeling of owning that new car. If you do not, then it will be a waste of time and you will sooner go back to hoping and wishing you had a new car without doing anything about it.
Once you realize that the way you feel is everything and start directing your thoughts according to your feelings, little by little you will be able to focus on what you want and will be able to realize it in your life.

3-start telling others about what you want and involve them in your dream, in your desire. Start talking as if what you want is already on the way to getting to you, as if it is already part of your experience.
4-Remember that “I am… ” is a powerful and creative phrase. It’s a statement. And the process of creation begins from the declaration. Make sure that whatever follows “I am” is actually what you want now and also in the future. In addition, your sentences must be concise and accurate. Summarize. Don’t add to what you want the reasons why you can’t have it (I want a new car, but I can’t afford it). Simply declare what you want (“I want a new machine”) without adjectives, but, why: clear and simple.