How the dead communicate with us?

“I tell you a secret that is not a secret: we do not need mediums to talk to our deceased loved ones, but we can do it directly, every night, through our dreams.”

The dead interact in our dreams

Robert Moss is a historian, journalist, writer, poet. From one of his writings “” book of the dreamer of the dead“, we report a significant step: “many of us wish to contact their beloved deceased. Do we miss them? We torment ourselves for forgiveness or closure of the things that remain unresolved. We also crave to know if there is life after physical death. This is one of the main reasons why people resort to mediums.”

And then I tell you a secret: we do not need mediums to talk to the dead, but we can have direct communication with them, timely and in an advantageous way, only paying attention to our dreams where we meet them every night. Sometimes they come to guide us or reassure us about life after death; sometimes they need our help, because they are lost and confused or need forgiveness. The dreams of the deceased help us, therefore, to have first-hand knowledge about what happens after physical death.

One of the cruelest things that the dominant Western culture has done, has been to insinuate that communication with the Dead is impossible and unnatural. There is nothing sinister or supernatural about it, although these experiences bring us, of course, beyond physical reality. The intimate connection between dreams and the Dead is inherent in our language. The English word “dream “and the German word” traum “are both related to the word” draugr “of the ancient Germanic, which means precisely”visit from the dead”.
The easiest way for the deceased to communicate with the living is precisely through dreams, although they, like the living, do not often understand it. For once, Hollywood’s right. In the film “The Sixth Sense” a little boy with paranormal powers can see and talk to the deceased. He helps and thus consoles a man who has died, initially confused about his situation and who can not talk to his wife. The boy then tells the dead man: “talk to her in her dreams, only then she will hear you.”

In most dreams the deceased appears alive, and most often the Dreamer is unaware that the person died until his awakening. The reason is that the dead are truly alive though not in the physical world. The deceased can look like the Dreamer remembers them in the last days of their physical life, especially in the first dreams. Over time, however, it is quite common for the deceased to alter their appearance, shake off the signs of age and bodily disorders and present themselves healthy and charming.

Is it possible that the deceased is communicating with us?

People who die at a late age, often reappear as if they were about thirty years old.After my father’s death in 1987, he frequently appeared in my dreams to give me family advice, and bring me specific and practical information that I could not access in my waking life. For example, he gave me the name of a real estate agent on the other side of the Pacific – someone unknown to me-who moved with great speed and humanity to help my mother sell her house and settle in a community, where she then spent the happiest years of her life. My father also went to visit my daughter in a dream, who was very sorry for never having known him in physical life; he showed himself to her as a good-looking rider, about 30 years old while he was riding. Thanks to the many meetings in dreams with my father, I can say with certainty that a dear deceased manages to be the angel of the family.

After his death, my beloved University professor in Australia began to appear to me in dreams as an unusual professor of history, teaching me that each of us belongs to a family of personalities in different times and sizes, whose events are staged today.