What happens after death?

Life after death, Science: the mind dies after the body: when we die we are aware that we are dead

When you die you know you’re Dead

This is revealed by the main study on the subject that shows how the mind still works after the body shows no signs of life.
Scientists say that people are aware that they are dead because consciousness continues to work even after the body has stopped showing signs of life. This means that, theoretically, someone can also hear their own death announced by doctors.The revelation, according to The Independent, was made by Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine diNew York City.


When we die we are conscious of dying: the mind dies after the body. Study Death is defined as the point where the heart no longer beats and the blood flow stops reaching the brain, but a shock study, the most important on the subject, reveals that the mind dies after the body. The team of researchers analyzed people who suffered cardiac arrest, namely technically dead, but who subsequently recovered.
Some of the patients analyzed said they were aware of entire conversations and were able to see the things that were happening around them, even after their death had been pronounced.

Dr Sam Parnia said: “Technically, the time of death is based on the time the treatment stops beating, and once that happens, the blood does not circulate in the brain, which means that the function of the brain stops almost instantly and you lose all the reflections from the legs to the brain” However, there is evidence that suggest the presence of a jolt of cerebral energy when someone dies.

In 2013, researchers at the University of Michigan examined electrical signals inside the brain of nine anesthetized rats with an induced heart attack and saw signs of activity that were linked to a “hyper-alert” state in the short term after clinical death.Dr Parnia said: “We are trying to understand the exact characteristics that people experience when they pass through death, because we understand that this reflects the universal experience that we all have when we die”

The “Scriptures” are full of examples of this symbolic language, and if people listened more to their intuitive spiritual side, they would begin to understand that even dying people often use this type of language when they want us to share their needs, or to communicate something of their new awareness. It is therefore not necessary to explain why during those delicate last moments, a Jewish child probably will not see Jesus or a Protestant child will not see Mary. Obviously not because these entities are disinterested in them, but because, in these circumstances, we are always given what we need most.

But what really happens after death?

After meeting the people we loved and our guide or guardian angel, we will then pass through a symbolic passage, often described as a tunnel, a river, a gate. Everyone will touch what is symbolically most appropriate for him. It depends on our culture and education. After this first step, you will find yourself in the presence of a light source. This fact is described by many patients as a beautiful and unforgettable experience of transformation of existence, and of new awareness called cosmic consciousness. In the presence of this light, which most Westerners identify with Christ or God, one finds oneself surrounded by unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

It is in the presence of this Light, and pure source of spiritual energy, (that is, a condition in which there is no negativity and that it is not possible to experience negative feelings) that we become aware of our potential and how we could be and live. Surrounded by compassion, love and understanding, we will then be asked to examine and evaluate our newly concluded life and to judge ourselves every thought, every word and every action accomplished. After this self-examination we will abandon our etheric body, re-becoming what we were before we were born and that we will be for eternity, when we gather to God, who is the source of everything.