How to avoid spiritual addiction stay grounded on your spiritual path

Never before has the problem of spiritual addictions become topical, where physical and mental addictions have already been widely expressed. For example, addiction to drugs to free the mind from the conditioning of the world of consumption (children of flowers). Addiction to psychotherapy of all kinds and psychotherapists (endless analysis) in an attempt to understand the boundary between freedom and social integration.

What is emotional dependence?

In short, the need of rehabilitation of the individual is a recurring theme, as well as the disruption effects of civilization, as it has continued to grow in recent decades, are visible in many forms of addiction that the individual has generated to rebuild that unit divided between the mass media, fashion, narcissism, frustration and shortcomings.

In this sense, however, the “saving ” dependence leads to a regressive condition where everything seems to us simpler and where we do not have to make efforts to ask things because everything is already beautiful and ready in pre-packaged doses. In this way we are lost in symbiosis with each other or with a substance that entangles us. At this point everything is functional to fall asleep: alcohol, drugs, smoking, sick relationships from which we can not break away, represent a condition of constant drunkenness that anesthetizes us avoiding contact with pain and with inner suffering. An eating disorder that seems to feed us but manifests continuous needs never satisfied in full. Also a showy sexuality and beautiful to see, the Vanity sought with continuous modifications of the body, in this case also dependent on scalpel and silicone.

Addictions also in the loose and casual movements of younger generations who eagerly claim freedom by exchanging it with nothingness attitudes or with metals fixtures in the body: you can avoid hospitalization only because it is now understood that addiction is normal.

The process of detoxification from all this is about some fundamental points. First understand what are the origins of Man and then understand where to go to look for Nature lost in a synthetic reality that has also distorted the relationships and contacts between people and of course with ourselves.
However, we must be able to recognize which substance generates its dependence and which aspect of its dependence it involves.;

In the last century it made sense to speak in terms of psychological addictions, where everything appeared to depend on the upbringing and traumas that primarily charged our parents. Today we continue with a New Age in thinking that everything depends on a higher power that resides in US and the entire universe, and that can explain to us who we are and where we come from and what life and death are. The umpteenth admission of the limits of Man; the thought that a higher force is able to explain the origin of our problems no longer due to things recognizable by the analysis of facts. Thus the question arises with regard to higher forces and addressed to masters in the context of spiritual practices: the list of waiting people is huge.

The offer varies from meditation, yoga to mystical practices. For this reason, they constitute real organizations and communities as real sects to entrust their lost soul. There are those inside who are capable of supporting us, but supporting us is still something else from us and it is once again impossible to assume their responsibilities: persecuted for dependence.

Because today the problem of spiritual dependence is looming.

Communities for drug detoxification will have to make room for those for recovery from emotional and spiritual dependence.

But the principles are always the same: lack.

Loneliness, insecurity and guilt for not satisfying someone or yourself as an ideal.

The life of each of us is intoxicated by ” sin” (a sin that I did not …or that I am not so…). That is why we need a rehabilitation that will redeem us from emptiness and shortcomings.

The important thing for each of us is to realize this need to fill holes with the illusion of finding low-energy solutions. The substance this time is even thinner and resides in an imponderable and subtle matter. A substance that can sell us anyone and make us slaves without we realize it, because this time there is no material substance to inject: everything passes directly through nothing, as one likes to define the spiritual problem with respect to the concrete and material one.