Is your spirituality making you unbalanced?

It’s not important what you do, it’s important to be aware of why you do it… Let’s start immediately by debunking a commonplace: religion and spirituality are two different things. When you cultivate your spirit towards any religion or any God you only give your trust to that doctrine and teachings. When you cultivate the spirit in favor of yourself instead, you only increase awareness in all your thoughts and actions.

What is spirituality?

The spiritual path for me is: feeling to do the right thing… it is not always easy but after several researches I can confirm that when it is really right for you it is also right for others. Reflect on them.
One day Jesus said”the spirit became man”” This phrase has a clear preconception. First of all there is the spirit who chooses for a time defined a wrapper (the body) in which to manifest itself. The disciplines are endless, from religion to philosophy, from science to New Age all confirm that something superior to us, even if invisible permeates on body and mind.

Yes, because we all live in three dimensions at once:The body that supports both physical and mental weightThe mind that is the only point of passage between body and spirit, the one in which we build thoughts that help or destroy.Finally, but as we said in the first place on all our soul, spirituality is nothing but our guide. The meaning we give to ourselves and our surroundings. The truth that we perceive right for us and that reflects on the outside world.A connection with a higher entity (God, Universe etc..) which is stronger than our body and fairer than our mind. A dimension where everything is one and we are tiny part of this whole. Another 8 dimensions have been studied beyond our visible so what we believe to be true in reality is not at all. Or at least our optics are incomplete….

Seeking spirituality
Then why don’t we follow her?… why don’t we get advice from this deep and unique part of us?…The material world is more convenient and immediate. In the real world everything is to our advantage (egoism) if we know how to sweat and exploit it. Today we rely on tools (social first of all) that make us believe are immediate happiness, the driving reason of our life while in reality they are simple communication tools but also distributors of addictions and pathologies.We rely on articles or gossip about others that do nothing but distance more and more the correct perspective on our real abilities or possibilities.

Still, you may not know that things have changed a lot for years. The awakening of the spirit is increasingly entering our everyday life, even in the business field where ethics and moral sense have never broken through. The graduates themselves in the most prestigious schools in the world today take intensive courses in Life Design to discover their intimate direction and work on that.
Today women read about spiritual growth, buy organic products and attend alternative courses because they understand the benefit.
The big entrepreneurs do meditation and Yoga and the most growing start-ups are those who deal with the 3rd and 4th sectors. The Western mentality all work and sacrifice has understood the trick and is increasingly approaching the Asian more calm, protective and livable.

What makes me really happy?

Why is that?.. Because you won’t be happy as long as you expect something external to soothe your quest. Happiness is in being at peace with oneself and learning to live the present.Look for everything that quenches your thirst for awareness. The books on spirituality are many and in many disciplines. Each of these can be in seed to better and better understand your sense about things. Broaden your perspective on the world and understand that the answer you often seek is in a sentence, in a concept you did not pay attention to.Your superior spirit is to stop talking and not pretend to be right all the time. It is in silence, in the careful observation of your breath and thoughts, in meditation, in prayer, in relaxation and in the activities in which you have fun and have fun.