3 blocks that stop us from hearing intuition in relationships

We all suffered an emotional blockage at some point in our lives. This is one of those situations where we perceive the presence of a barrier that prevents us from facing new challenges. Insecurity is one of the most obvious manifestations when faced with a blockage that is hindering the achievement of our goals.

Why do I have an emotional blockage?

Think about traffic when you’re in the car. You are in a hurry, but while you desire it, you can do nothing to advance. The same applies to emotional blockage.This kind of blockade does not necessarily concern all spheres of our lives. In fact, there are those who usually suffer from emotional blockages in the workplace, but never in the personal or sentimental one. On the contrary, it can happen that you are stuck when establishing a stable romantic relationship.
Insecurity then peeps out, preventing us from finding the job that makes us really happy or converting us into conformist people. If the blockade concerns your relationships, however, insecurity will prevent you from showing yourself how you are. It will force you to wear a mask that will make you feel confident, a mask that, instead of protecting you, will hide the real problem.

Many of the emotional blocks have to do with our self-esteem or past experiences that have led us to behave in a certain way. Imagine that you have gone through a series of tormented love relationships. This as a result has triggered different attitudes towards all the people you like: you struggle to trust, you feel unsafe and you are afraid that they will hurt you.

Fear and lack of security in ourselves and in our abilities can give rise to an emotional blockage from which we can not get out. In this way, we will begin to feel shame in public speaking, feel fear of rejection, be invaded by pessimism, feel envy and jealousy, judge others, etc.Emotional blockage will bring out our most negative emotions and feelings, which will only block us more and more, preventing us from moving forward. Often all these emotions are affected by what surrounds us, which can act as a concentration agent and as a catalyst at the same time. What do we mean by that?
I am a person with feelings and emotions, which can lead me to freeze and not want to get out of my comfort zone.

Imagine that you are very insecure at work. Your emotional blockage prevents you from achieving your goals, but even in the environment around you there are factors that contribute to all this. One of these, for example, can be competitiveness among colleagues. The fact that they keep your work under observation or that they have recently drawn attention to you, can all be causes able to engage in motion to unlock you.

Perhaps you think it is very difficult, not to say impossible, to get out of an emotional blockage. We assure you that this is not the case. You just need to move, to act. All the insecure thoughts that torment you cause your paralysis. You can oppose them, starting to walk forward.

What do you have to lose?

Think of all those questions that buzz in your head every day. “Why should I go if they probably don’t hire me?” ,” I’m a disaster, I will never get what I want“,” I think he does not like me“, “if I show myself as I really am, he will believe that I am a fool” “” I will be wrong and everyone will end up laughing at me”, ” others are much better than me”…Have you ever thought of one of these things? The only possible alternative is to behave like when you are afraid to receive a ” no ” as an answer. Accept it, but first “try” to see if you can get a “yes”. Do the opposite of what inertia would lead you to do. Are you afraid of being ridiculous when you expose yourself? If you do not, you will never know whether fear was founded or not. Sometimes it is easier to convince yourself to be as we would like. For example, try to repeat in your head “I like to speak in public “or”I’m not afraid to be ridiculous”.