Soul connections and soul mates

We become ecstatic of each other from the beginning and the shared vulnerability of our nudity ,this allows us to unite our bodies together at a very deep level. We are able to catch glimpses of the infinite beauty and love that surrounds us at all times and we feel vibrated, loved, accepted and nourished in the deepest part of our being; our soul.

What should happen during separation?

When this level of the soul merges with our soul mate, more energy channels are opened that pass through both . These strings of gold and silver energy that run from soul to soul and from heart to heart are the lifeline of soul mates and can never be severed. Through these ropes we feel each other, we are attracted together, regardless of time and space. In fact, our soul mate is so rooted in the energy composition of who we are; that as we go through our experiences, emotions and growth, these vibrations are constantly being sent back and forth between us and our twin. In addition, the psychic and spiritual connection between soul mates always includes a kind of spiritual “love nest”; as an ecstatic place of love and bliss where twins come for comfort and reassurance – my twin called this “our inner space filled with unconditional love, passion and friendship.” Cufflinks are also connected to their higher selves by a similar silver string that is attached to the crown chakra.Why should we break the connection?

Unfortunately the path of the twin flame is such that very often every soul must have time apart to grow, learn and fully become what it is destined to become. God wants us to be conscious and take an active part in our journey; and therefore, in order to remain in permanent physical union with our twin, we must become fully aware of our own being. Actual physical separation forces each of the Twins to feel and look their individual self in the face. A person can not know who is in the center of his soul unless he has felt a missing part of himself. The journey is very complex in this regard, because in order to join our soul mate, we must realize that the separation took place so that we could know the self and soul. Despite the fact that they are physically separated, the twins must reach the inner whole: both inside themselves.

As the eternal dance between the two souls in search of balance and wholeness comes to life, it results in a dynamic push-pull or runner-chaser, which causes many to question their sanity and feel that we should not allow this “madness” to control us. The two soulmates get stuck in this situation until they both learn to complete and balance their energies-together and separately. Even if the Twins are separated and not in contact, they both have to carry their share of the work. Since soul mates share the same soul, they often feel not only their own but also the suffering of the other – and therefore feelings and reactions to them are often amplified.

Cut the strings – get rid of the connection

Often the pain of separation and the many obstacles to the Union are so unbearable that we want to get out of this new “reality”. Initially we pray that it will go away in time and we can return to”normal”. We numb our feelings in self-preservation. Then, as our frustration grows, we begin to want to cut the energy strings that connect us to our twin flame. However, while we can know all the methods of cutting strings and successfully using them in the past; the connection between twins does not follow conventional rules or reasoning. No matter what someone tells you, no one, even the Twins themselves can break the special eternal strings between them. This is what is meant by the biblical verse often quoted “what God has united, let man not separate him ” (Mark 10: 9) . The Force that created them is omnipotent and indestructible. The bond can be weakened, and their final union is delayed, but they can not be separated permanently.