The 12 zodaic signs and 4 elements

The 12 zodaic signs and 4 elements

The signs of the zodiac are grouped according to the four elements of classical Astrology: water, air, earth and fire. These elements represent the four main expressions through which all the energy that integrates the universe, in its broadest form, both physical and psychic and integrating all types of existing organisms, is manifested.All manifestations are necessary, and within one element the manifestations of each of the signs are expressed differently. For example, in the signs of earth, Taurus, which is the First, seeks the complacency of the senses much more forcefully than Capricorn, which is the last, and which does so more indirectly.

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Fire element fire is the least condensed energy of the elements. Fire is synonymous with action, but it is not an action whose origin is reflection or feeling, but it is something instantaneous, the fruit of intuition. Its color is orange red, and the temperament associated with this element is choleric, which implies speed, will, and self-sufficiency. Fire is the most yang element, male.
People with a sign of fire are characterized by being of an extroverted temperament, enthusiastic, dynamic and with great willpower, reckless, independent, efficient and loyal to their ideals. On the contrary, some of the negative aspects they present would be arrogance, impatience, egocentrism, demand and lack of scruples, among others.
Those born under the fire element are usually optimistic, of acting imperative, fast and efficient, who tend to adopt the role of leader, thanks to their self-affirmation, enthusiasm and spirit of improvement.

Aries fire is a primary, impulsive fire, an enthusiasm that is rapidly consumed.
Leo’s fire is a proud fire, an inner fire that burns permanently and does not want to pay.
The fire of Sagittarius is a fire that is fuelled by a cause. It is perhaps, within the signs of fire, the least agitated, or rather, the one who is able to better control his States and his inner flame.


Earth element the Earth is the densest of the energy forms of the elements. The Earth is an element of perception, the senses being its main channel of realization. Its color is the green and the temperament associated with this element is the choleric. The Earth is yin, passive, cold and dry.
The earth man is the most resistant of the elements, of calm temperament and somewhat introverted, characterized by being hardworking, hardworking and persevering. He perceives the world through the senses more than any other sign, which is why it is somewhat slower; slowness that compensates with stubbornness and determination.
Guided by tradition and Norm, they overcome any resistance they encounter along the way, thanks to their energy and will. They are realistic and belong to the group of builders, they like to execute their purposes and their compensation they find in the enjoyment of the task accomplished. They live focused on their goals and do not disperse in anything that will not bear the expected fruit. Some virtues associated to man on Earth are hard work, sobriety, the strength, the tolerance, the patience and conciliation, while among their shortcomings would be the lack of imagination, the rigidity or the excess of conventionalism and formality.

The Land of Taurus is solid, fertile soil, therefore it is protective of its own, perhaps also possessive. Watch what is around you and don’t want anyone to get and can cause problems.
The Land of Virgo is similar to quicksand, it is abstract. Virgo needs to analyze, select. Even though his feet are on the ground, he does not close to other possibilities or opinions, but that is, it is easy for him to be moved from his place.
The Land of Capricorn makes the Mountain think, on a summit to be reached, on a rock, is a cold, dense, rocky land. Capricorn is strong, although sometimes he can fall, he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He always tries to climb, position himself, get to the top in what he has proposed.


Element air the element air is the second least dense, after the fire. Its field of action is on the intellectual plane, representing our cognitive power. Ideas, creativity, reflection, as well as spoken and written communication are its main forms of expression. Its color is yellow and the temperament associated with this element is blood. It is the second most yang or active element, after the fire, being hot and dry.
The man of air is guided by his ideas, reflection and imagination, and also diffruta of a very fluid communication with his surroundings. He lives immersed in a mental, fantasy world, full of ideal creations, which in some cases he can project in the form of artistic realization and in others develop within his own imaginary universe. Nor does it live motivated to carry out its own projections, if not the opposite, as it avoids everything possible to land in the tangible world. Its main motivation is beauty.

The air of Gemini makes us think of the lightness, in adolescence, in the immediate contacts, light-weight, in thoughts, in curiosity, in the currents of air, in the adaptability.
The Libra air makes us think of a sweet, soft breeze, in the search for harmony, in the abstract, in the need for exchange.
The Aquarian air makes us think of the air that unites some beings with the world, the propensity towards the collective, the ingenuity, the intellectual faculties.


Water element is the second denser energy, after the Earth. Before a stimulus applied at any point of the same, the water responds vibrating in all its extension. That is why in astrology water represents the vulnerable, the unstable and the easy to influence. Its color is blue and the temperament associated with this element is phlematic. The water is cold and wet, passive and is the second most yin element behind the Earth.
The signs governed by this element express their motor energy through emotions. These are characterized mainly by their sentimentality and all that surrounds it: passions, yearnings, frustrations, pleasures, fears and the whole psychic world. They live in a world devoid of the physical and mental, where moods and extreme subjectivity take on a fundamental role.
Cancer water is clear, crystalline water, and it makes us think about fertility, about the mother, about the flow, about the dream, about the imagination, about our unconscious, about the night.
Scorpius ‘ water is turbulent water, moving from here to there, always trying to find answers. It is potentially instinctive and does not settle for standing in the same place. He needs to move to grow, to regenerate.
The water of Pisces is a water with two currents, two dreams, two paths. He’s always at that crossroads. He needs to decide and sometimes he doesn’t know how to do it, he needs to choose but he doesn’t want to fail.

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