The saturn return and how it affects you

Saturn in Capricorn – when Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn, it is said that the planet is in its domicile. At this moment the myth behind Saturn’s symbology is expressed in a complete way, totalizing itself. When Saturn is in Capricorn, there are several mythologisms that we will relive under its archetypal influence.

An Orphic prayer to Saturn 

Chrono (the latter is equivalent to the Greek Saturn), consisted in the offering of incense to the godhead, and the devotee who calls upon god with these words: Always flourishing-the father of The blessed, and men, by various expedients incorrupt, powerful, brave Titan, that everything you run out, and on the contrary, you yourself grow, that you have ties are unbreakable in the infinite cosmos, generator, absolute eternity, God from the vario to speak, the bud of Earth and Starry Sky, six birth, growth and decline … that dresses in all parts of the cosmos, forefathers of tortuous designs … listening to the voice supplicate send us a happy life term, you who are always blameless.

Rather than a joyful hymn, this prayer seems to prepare the spiritual consciousness for death, or at least for an unappellable process, an end, or a regeneration. In fact, it is what astrology today observes in the deep psychological symbolism of Saturn. That is, the unappellable transformation of the world, through the punishment of a war, or the rebirth that comes from peace. Saturn is fine. End of a cycle. The world will never be the same after Saturn!

Every time Saturn returns to Capricorn, the world it has been will no longer be, and an event will culminate under its austere symbolism, for better or for worse, the change must take place.

The first divine entity linked to Saturn is that of the God Nippur; it belonged to the Sumerian culture, it was represented by Lunar and celestial symbols, often accompanied by birds. Saturn is the most worshiped deity of antiquity. Even today it is revered under different names, it is the God of Abrahamic religions, therefore contemplated in Judaism, Catholicism and islam. He was also observed in the guise of Baal, a cruel and ruthless deity who was offered human sacrifices, especially of children. This explains why the myth of Saturn and Chrono retains the image of the deity that engulfes and devours his children. In Greece, in fact, he was called Chrono or God of time, he devoured all his children, those had by Rea, for fear of being ousted from his throne. The only one who saved himself from this ferocity was Zeus, protected by his mother.

Saturn’s Day is Saturday, the planet is equipped with rings and has a hexagon on its North Pole, a symbol that is actually used in some schools / initiation societies to represent Saturn. The hexagon is the geometric figure consisting of 6 sides 6 corners and 6 triangles inside, that is why it was then also associated with the figure of Satan. The synchronicity effect, for example, leads to the realization of the coffins of the deceased with a “hexagonal ” shape that evokes the symbology of Saturn, which is the planet of Death, end, and rebirth. Saturn is antithesis to The Sun. So Saturn is the Black Sun, The Sun is the White Sun. That is, if the sun is god, Saturn is God’s shadow. The Black Sun is a symbol used by neo-Nazis… but Saturn was symbolically also associated with Nazism and fascism, and all “black”dictatorships. However, the Black Sun also represents “hermetic and mysterious knowledge”, it is a symbol in which the knowledge reserved for “chosen few” are represented, but it is also the void, the darkness through which to seek light. In this sense, Saturn is also the image of the cave, the cave. And if we talk about “cave “we can not help but reflect on that of Christ, of Jesus born inside”the belly of Saturn”. The cave in the birth of Christ tells a particular event. If Saturn is the Abrahamic God, the ruthless and choleric one, Christ, his son, is his evolution. Saturn as God of Abraham… Saturn devours his children, for fear of being ousted, but only one son is saved, so Zeus is assimilated today as the figure of Christ.

About the elite of the illuminati

It is a fact that a very narrow part of the world holds esoteric and mysterious hermetic knowledge at the expense of collective knowledge; that is, some secret societies, initiatic schools, enlightenment schools, are under the rule of Saturn and due to the effect of synchronicity are identifiable by the symbols they use. The symbol of Saturn we find from the UN, the Vatican, to the lottery game! It is present in some banknotes, see the eye on the US Dollar.